Please note that the call does not need to last two hours. This is the amount of time that we have set aside for you, but the call will most likely last 30-45 minutes. If you need to reschedule, please just book a second appointment. We will cancel the first appointment.


At least three days before our telephone appointment, please complete our survey. Even if you have given information to another law firm or company in the past, we need you to complete our survey


Review our attorney-client agreement. You can ask questions about the agreement during our telephone appointment.  Following the appointment, we will send you a copy for your signature. If you have questions about any of the documents or any other aspect of our services before signing, we will be happy to answer them during our scheduled appointment. If possible, please ensure that you are next to a computer during the intake call. Case managers will be walking you through the process of signing the agreements through our digital signature program.